Online Patient Intake Done Right

It’s free, easy, and HIPAA-compliant.


Give us your paper intake forms. We turn them into sleek and smart online forms.


Invite patients to fill out your digital forms at their convenience on any web-enabled device. We send smart reminders to ensure high completion rates.


Enjoy the benefits. You and your staff save time. Your patients get the convenience they expect.

Physician Benefits

Save Time on Encounter Notes

The system generates for the physician an H&P template that incorporates all the information from the PMH, PSH, Meds, Allergies, SH, FH, ROS, and more. In one click, the practitioner can copy and paste the pre-filled H&P template into the EHR and edit as necessary. This feature results in significant time savings for those physicians who type or use voice recognition software for dictations.

Save Money on Transcriptions

The H&P tool results in cost savings by eliminating the need to employ transcription services for the entire H&P.

Staff Benefits

Improved Payment Collection

The system collects payment information, so insurance pre-authorization, out-of-network benefits, etc., can be obtained and managed before the patient’s visit.

More Punctual Rooming

The system makes it easier to adhere to patient appointment times due to faster rooming of patients.

EHR Integration

This advanced feature is available upon request to further enhance front office efficiency.

Patient Benefits

Shorter Wait Times

Patients routinely spend 15-30 minutes ahead of a new patient visit filling out paperwork in a doctor’s office. The data then needs to be entered into the EMR/EHR by the staff prior to being roomed. The Mozart system results in significantly shorter wait times for patients thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

More Accurate Health Profiles

The system gives patients the time and opportunity to be more thorough and accurate in documenting their medical history.

Some of Our Clients

The Mozart Intake System has completely transformed my clinic. I could not imagine my practice without it.

Gregory M. Buncke, MD, FACS
Medical Director, The Buncke Clinic
Associate Clinical Professor, Stanford and UCSF Plastic Surgery

Mozart.MD is the cure for the pain that is new patient intake

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